About us

Johan Arnmarker, photographer with a passion for nature

I have done photographing for more than forty years! I love to wonder around in all kinds of nature settings and catch it with my camera. There are simply endless of possibilities to create an image with all the props the nature so generously provides with: Trees and water, flowers and rocks, birds and all other animals… Such an enjoyable challenge, and you are never fully trained! At the same time I can benefit from the tremendous energy that is everywhere in the nature, giving me such pleasure and wellbeing. This force I want to share with you with my photos, and by that contribute to your feelings of peace and harmony.

E-mail: johan@bildfeeling.se

Marie Althoff, coach with an extra sense for the wilderness

I have worked as a nurse, a theacher, in pharma industry and have studied psychology. But I have also been stressed to the brink of exhaustion, and know all too well how easily you can end up there. Nowadays I am passionate about re-connecting people with the nature, for the sake of both. The nature has such healing skills when we feel unwell, and a lot of research confirms this fact. A fantastic medication with no bad side effects! And with a closer contact with nature we may keep ourselves both healthier and happier – without medication.

E-mail: marie@bildfeeling.se