Terms of purchase



Bildfeeling AB
Törnrosvägen 8
SE-43531 Mölnlycke

Tel: +46 31 320 43 34

E-mail: kontakt@bildfeeling.se

Exchange or return of items

We wish you to feel content with your purchase, so if you change your mind, we are happy to help:

  1. You have 30 days from delivery to change your mind, to exchange or return items
  2. Customized items cannot be returned or exchanged
  3. Kindly notify us via the above e-mail address. Please include information on:
    1. What item is concerned
    2. Date of purchase
    3. Order number
    4. Your name and contact details
  4. You will recieve a confirmation e-mail from us that we are notified and expect the return
  5. Return the item(s) preferably in the original packaging, just tape the opened parts well please. Use the return address as above
  6. Return shipping costs apply and will not be refunded
  7. When the item has returned to us in its original condition, we will credit your account of the original payment method. It may take a few days before the refund (including shipping costs from us to you) is visible on your account.
  8. If an item is defect on return in a way that was not due to shipping, the refund may be reduced accordingly.

If items are not collected

If ordered items are not collected from the delivering point and therefore are returned to us, we will charge a fee of XX euro to cover for our costs, before refund. An item that was not collected is not considered to be a regret of purchase.

Complaints and redress

We follow EU rules for complaints and redress . If anything in your order does not meet the expected standard, despite our rigorous checks, we apologize for that. Please contact us via the above e-mail address as son as possible, and we sort it out.

In the e-mail, please include:

  1. What item is concerned
  2. Order number
  3. Reason for reclamation
  4. Your name and contact details