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Our products are printed and manufactured in Sweden.

High quality and consideration for our nature is important to us.

Why we use linen

We believe the natural linen fabric is perfectly in line with our idea to connect people with nature using our photos of nature, together with our concern for the environment. We offer you a unique product. You will most likely not find anything like our products anywhere else, and they are printed with environmental friendly, water based colours.

Linen is a living material

Our selected linen fabric has a wonderful, irregular structure. As the pillows are used they will in time get an even softer look, as the fibres in the fabric settles a little. This is just a sign of its natural origin, and makes them even more beatuiful.
Loose fibres may occasionally drop and leave small white dots. Normaly this is hardly noticeable. In the rare case that a greater white area would appear, please contact us.

A tip is to handwash the pillow cases inside out, and always soak all linen products and clothing a little while before washing, to avoid sharp crincles.

For our kitchen towels and place mats that are washed more frequently, and preferably machine washed, we have used half linen with 50% cotton in the fabric, to increase drying capacity and durability.

Throw pillow cases

Set nature free in your sofa, armchair or on your bed!
Throw pillow cases in 100% linen. Size 47x47cm (18,5 inches) that fits a 50×50 cm (20 inches) pillow perfectly.
Price: 59 €

Kitchen towels

These kitchen towels give a nice feeling where they hang around, and contributes to an all natural drying of the dishes.
50% linen/50% cotton. Size 44x66cm (17,3×26 inches)
Price: 25 €

Place mats

Let the table setting become the topic of conversation by laying the forest on the table!
Placemats in 50% linen/50% cotton. Size 44×30 cm (17,3×11,8 inches)
Price: 22 €

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